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All examples are an extension of this example:

using System;
using D3APIdotNet;

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        D3API api = new D3API(HostName.en_US);
        //Other examples proceed from here

Career Profile:

public dynamic getCareerProfile(string battletag)


var careerProfile =  api.getCareerProfile("Battletag#0000");
string heroName = careerProfile.heroes[0].name; 

  Members of a Career Profile can be found here.

Hero Profile:

public dynamic getHeroProfile(string battletag, int heroID)


var heroProfile =  api.getHeroProfile("Battletag#0000", 1);
double heroDamage = heroProfile.stats.damage;

  Members of a Hero Profile can be found here.

Item Information:

public dynamic getItemInformation(string itemData)


var itemInformation = api.getItemInformation("COGHsoAIEgcIBBXIGEoRHYQRdRUdnWyzFB2qXu51MA04kwNAAFAKYJMD");
string iconSlug = itemInformation.icon;

  Members of Item Information can be found here.

Follower Information:

public dynamic getArtisanInformation(Artisan artisan)


var followerInformation = api.getFollowerInformation(Follower.Scoundrel);
string slug =[0].slug;

  Members of Follower Information can be found here.

Artisan Information:

public dynamic getFollowerInformation(Follower follower)


var artisanInformation = api.getArtisanInformation(Artisan.Blacksmith);
int recipeCost =[0].levels[0].trainedRecipes[0].cost;

  Members of Artisan Information can be found here.

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